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The Capital of Mexican Wine.

Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe offer a variety of options for visitors. From walking along the pier walkway, along the famous First Street, visiting the legendary Riviera Hotel, visiting La Bufadora, exploring the Wine Route (a few minutes from Casa of the Siete Patios) and enjoy the great gastronomic offer of the best restaurants in the region.


Touring Ensenada.

Walk along the Ensenada pier walkway, enjoy a yacht ride through the bay and the Black Market that offers a variety of seafood that can be tasted right there; Learn a little history at the legendary Riviera Hotel where you can enjoy the original Margarita in the place where it was first made at the Andaluz Bar. From there, you can't miss the walk along the Malecón, reach the El Rey Sol Restaurant and try the world-famous French pastries in the special corner for it. The music of the place and the French atmosphere will take you to the City of Light.

What to Eat.

Ensenada was named a Creative City in the area of gastronomy by UNESCO. The local cuisine options are unbeatable. Seven of the 10 most expensive seafood in the world are caught in the waters of the municipality of Ensenada. You can't miss trying the traditional Fish Tacos in some of the street stalls or for something more formal than better than the famous French cuisine at the emblematic Restaurante el Rey Sol.

At the El Rey Sol restaurant, the preparation of Flamed Mexican Coffee, made with Kalúa and Tequila, is quite a spectacle.

El Rey Sol.jpeg

Wine Route.

Just minutes from Casa de los Siete Patios, the Wine Route begins. A must-see is the Wine Museum, unique in the country and a spectacular place with the history of the vine and the beginning of viticulture in the Valley.

The car tour allows you to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the dozens of original hotel and restaurant buildings that have proliferated in recent years. You cannot miss the tasting in some of the wineries that you will find on your way: Monte Xanic, El Cielo, Adobe Guadalupe, Hacienda Guadalupe, Vinícola Martlot, Sol y Barro, among dozens of them.

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