• Cíbola del Mar

Real estate

Create the house of your dreams at a cost-fraction of offers in the USA, with a spectacular ocean view, in an exclusive private community and only 110 Kms south of the border with San Diego, CA. You will be amazed with the beautiful architecture, cobblestone streets and glorious sunsets, and located just 10 minutes from the downtown area of ​​Ensenada. All this makes Cíbola del Mar a perfect decision for retirement.
People from Canada, from all around the US and Europe choose for those golden years a comfortable place, with affordable, safe, private maintenance; something that you can call home, and still travel and enjoy life without worry. If you still consider this, then you can add:
* A climate in which around the year sunny days predominate, and very few days of rain.
* Located on the coast, on the great Pacific Ocean.
* Without the movement, nor the stress caused by big cities; but it needs to be a considerable distance from one, to make purchases (like San Diego, only an hour and a half), one hour from the border on a scenic highway.
For all these reasons, people choose Ensenada and especially, "Cíbola del Mar".